Other than the library, the grocery store was my favorite place as a child- for two VERY GOOD reasons.

Reason #1- The grocery store bakery would give away one free full-size chocolate chip cookie to kids.

Reason #2- The sample booths.

After downing my cookie, we would go about our shopping, and I would eagerly keep an eye out for the magical sample booths.

When I spotted one it would sound something like, “Mommy, MOMMY, a SSSAAAAAMMMMMPLE!”

The joys of childhood.

And though my external reaction shows slightly less zeal these days, I still feel almost as happy about those good ol’ sample booths.

All it takes is one bite of that 7 layer salad, or those perfectly toasted taquitos, to have me waltzing to the frozen section, and adding a giant box to my cart.

Samples win me over every time.

It’s a pretty lucrative marketing tool for grocery stores. And it’s one we can learn a lot from as online entrepreneurs.

Why you need to stop worrying about “giving away too much”

After working with hundreds of online entrepreneurs in the past few years, I get asked this same question over and over again.

It usually goes something like this…

“But if I include THAT in my freebie, will anyone buy my course/product?”


“People keep asking me for more free things and aren’t buying. Am I giving away too much and setting them up to devalue me?”

Etc, etc, etc.

My answer is always the same: HECK NO.

Here’s why:

You can give away the farm, but they still need the farmer.

You can give away free food samples, and people still need food in their fridges

You can give away all the information you know, and people will still pay you to help them implement it.

How telling people EVERYTHING you know will make you more money online

First things first, let me explain something I think will bring you some clarity. There are four levels of service you can offer someone.

Level #1: Sharing Information & knowledge

This involves straight up relaying the things you know, to help others know it too.

Example: Blog posts, Facebook live videos, etc

Level #2: Generalized system

As an expert, you know what gets results. Level #2 involves creating a start to finish system you can convey to the masses that will walk them through creating the same result for themselves.

Example: Self-study online courses

Level #3: Personalized system

This builds on a generalized system. You take what you know, and work hand in hand with someone to implement it. You help them tweak, refine, and stay motivated along the way.

Example: 1:1 Coaching

Level #4: Done for you services

This involves you creating a result on behalf of your clients with little to no work on their end.

Example: Branding, Photography, Freelancing, etc

The secret I’ve learned is that you can toss level one content everywhere like confetti and it will never impact your bottom line because people still need the top three levels.

And not only that, but by freely sharing your best information, you built insane levels of trust, and immediately stand out in the sea of others who do exactly what you do.

Why this matters for online business in 2018 and beyond…

What used to work for online marketing just doesn’t have the same impact anymore. The market is increasingly saturated, stories of scams and unmet expectations circulate, and we’re just plain weary of being “sold.”

We’re tired of hearing things like, “I made $100K this month, and if you pay me, I’ll share my secrets.”

Because at the end of the day, telling someone you are an expert is so much less effective than showing them.

The market is demanding a shift, and the businesses who liberally share information are the ones who continue to earn trust and increase sales. 

A prime example of someone totally kicking butt with this model is Zach Spuckler of Heart, Soul & Hustle.

I’ve followed Zach for awhile, and this guy drops golden nuggets of solid strategic marketing tips like nobody’s business through his incredible blog, and insanely actionable podcast (confession: I’ve listened to every single episode). He hands out information like candy. Candy that’s so good, that anytime this guy launches anything, you want in.

He recently launched a new membership site called the Monthly Marketing Playbook, and I watched in awe as he filled all 150 founding member spots in something ridiculous like 36 hours (with like 3 emails to his list, and a few posts in his facebook group).

This was nearly effortless for him because he consistently shares content chalked full of actionable and juicy information. So when it came time to pitch his offer, his audience was PRIMED.

So what does this mean for your business?

Stop hoarding your best information.

Give your audience content loaded with your best intel, and watch as they line up for more.

YES, some people will just read your free content and never buy. But if all they needed was a bit of info, they didn’t REALLY need you anyway.

BUT, most importantly, you will create crazy increases in traffic, an audience that trusts you and shares you with everyone, and effortless sales that feel incredibly natural and honest.

So here’s my final question to you:

What are you going to change in your content strategy in 2018 to SHOW your audience you are an expert?

How are you going to leverage your best information to rapidly build your audience and sales?

Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts!