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Exciting News!

10% of all sales from the SSM Online Store are now being donated to a fund that pays for counseling sessions for those who can’t afford it. #supportingmentalhealth

Why Freebies Fail
This free PDF shares the 5 Reasons NO ONE is telling you that make freebies fail. If your freebie is totally flopping (barely anyone is signing up), this guide is for you.
The Inner Circle
Get text messages that will encourage and challenge you to take action. These messages are a blend of strategy and inspiration that will help you massively move your biz forward!


Subject Line Generator
$197 (USD)

Answer the questions & get personalized subject line options that will change EVERYTHING for you when it comes to email marketing!

Here’s what’s included:

  • NINE different subject line generators proven to boost your open rates by up to 27% (the demo was just ONE of them).
  • A flow chart quiz that will help you decide which of the nine categories you should use to BEST highlight your email and get the highest open rate possible!
  • Access to 145 FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE subject line templates that top email marketers use to get their emails opened and that have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs instantly increase results of their email marketing.
Workbooks  &  Trainings
Ladder Post Guide + Workbook
$67 (USD)
This Guide + Workbook includes everything you need to know to write your own insanely successful ladder post so you can grow your Facebook group and email list by hundreds, effortlessly book free coaching calls, and fill your webinars with ease.
Sales Masterclass + Workbook
$99 (USD)
This masterclass will show you exactly what is blocking you from making sales and enable you to become a client attracting magnet using strategies that are perfectly in line with the REAL YOU. It’s about time you mastered your sales so your business can finally thrive!
Facebook Ads Guide + Workbook
$99 (USD)
This Guide and Workbook teaches the Facebook Ad strategy I’ve used to generate $4K + per month in passive sales by consistently adding new leads to my list. If you’re ready to consistently grow your community on automate, this is for you!
Self-Guided Programs

Fully Booked in 31 Days
Self Study Program

$397 (USD) 

FBI31 is a self-study course that prepares your mindset, teaches you solid strategy, and gives you the tools you need to fully book your 1:1 program in just 31 days. If you’re looking to massively grow your community, finally hit your breakthrough income month, and attract dream clients you are thrilled to be working with, this program is perfect for you!

Each week includes video trainings, recording from live group coaching calls, workbooks, printables, and swipe files to walk you step by step through the process of getting fully booked (and make it fun!)

Here’s what we’ll be covering each week…

  • This first week is about getting yourself in the right headspace to fully book your program.
  • Week two is about rapidly growing your community so you have more people taking interest and booking your programs.
  • During this third week, I walk you through my three core strategies and show you exactly how to implement them.
  • Week four is about closing sales and getting out of your own way to make that happen.
Rise Up: Automate Your Income
$197-$697 (USD)

Rise Up teaches you how to leverage email marketing to start making sales, or scale your profit through automation. Whether you are brand new, or have already mastered the basics, Rise Up will help you grow your business through the gold mine that is email marketing.

Here’s what’s covered:

  • The one thing you need to do BEFORE you start creating your freebie to guarantee people will sign up (and never have to second guess your idea again!)
  • Brainstorming & creating your perfect opt-in that will easily add hundreds to your list (So you don’t have to keep creating a new one every month to make up for last month’s flop)
  • Creating your freebie landing page, and knowing what EXACTLY needs to be on it to skyrocket your signups and eventually convert to your programs.
  • My go-to strategies for marketing your freebie- including the one I used to add over 300 people to my list in 48 hours
  • Determine the perfect email sequence strategy to quickly turn your hundreds of new subscribers into high paying clients or passive sales on automate
  • How to get your Facebook ads for free (or nearly free) by creating a tripwire that sells like hot cakes – so you can actually afford your ads, and bring in the kind of numbers you need in your funnel to make lots of sales.
  • How to create an epic sales page from start to finish so you can be taken seriously by your ideal clients so you can prepare them to book your high-end products before ever even getting on the phone, AND sell ANY passive product like hot cakes.
  • A step-by-step guide to creating your first passive income course so you can scale your business when you’ve fully booked your 1:1 program (and of course sell it through a funnel!)
  • And so much more!


‘The Entire Store’ Bundle

$697 (USD)

No need to choose, just get it all! Get access to the entire Sincerely Stephanie Melissa shop so you can master email marketing, write epic subject lines, create sales funnels, effortlessly fill your free trainings, grow your email list and group by hundreds with a single post, AND master your sales so you can convert all your new traffic to PAID CLIENTS!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Rise Up- My Signature Course on Sales Funnels and email marketing (Value $497)
  • The Subject Line Generator- Automatically generate subject lines personalized to your email. Watch your open rates skyrocket with 145 subject line templates. (Value $197)
  • Sales Masterclass: Easily Attract & Convert Ideal Clients with Your Energy- Learn my insider tips on how to sell your courses and programs easily, and in a way that feels right to you (Value $99)
  • Ladder Post Guide + Workbook- Want to rapidly grow your group or email list? How about pack out that webinar? Want to fill your calendar with calls? This guide will teach you how to do it all! (Value $67)

Total Value: $860