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Why limiting beliefs are totally worse than the boogeyman…

When I think about my childhood I think of fond memories of a particular tomato and cucumber.

Nope, we weren’t avid gardeners. I’m talking the totally rad kids show Veggie Tales. Did you watch it growing up?

Anyway, when I think about limiting beliefs, I think of this scene in one of the shows where Junior Asparagus is afraid of a veggified Frankenstein on his TV, and thus scared of his bedroom in the dark.

He sings a song (because every good child’s show is packed with them) that starts with…

“When I’m lying in my bed. And the furniture starts creeping.”

It really sets the scene of epic scariness lurking in the shadowy corners of his room.

And also the tune is super catchy.

So when I think about limiting beliefs I sometimes find this song sneaking in my head.

“When I’m llyyyinnnnnnnng in my beeedddddd. And the limiting beliefs start creeeeeeeping…”

Because limiting beliefs are pretty much the adult version of unfounded (and often unrealistic) fears lurking in the shadowy depths of our sub-conscience.

And right now, if you’re feeling stuck AF, and wondering why the heck you can’t make real headway toward your goals, then we need to talk about limiting beliefs.

Limiting Beliefs: The Ultimate Killjoy to Your Success

In reaching your goals, you have most likely hit a lot of obstacles, right? There are a million things that can set us back and keep us from achieving the success we are working towards in the timeframe we hope for.

Can I let you in on a little secret? Ninety-nine percent of those obstacles are all in your head.

In fact, most of them were created there. It’s often our own beliefs that limit us. With those limiting beliefs out of the way, your path to success looks a lot clearer.

We all struggle with limiting beliefs; it’s just a part of being human. Limiting beliefs force you to stay small and keep you trapped in a prison of your biggest insecurities.

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Letting go of negative (and most often false) beliefs that stop you from achieving your potential is essential to your success. Lucky for you, I have developed a process for kicking these limiting beliefs to the curb.

How Kissing a Few Limiting Beliefs Goodbye Made me $7K in 48 hours

One of my greatest battle victories against limiting beliefs came at a high-stakes time for me. I was under pressure to generate a large amount of money in a small amount of time – the most I had ever needed to generate all at once.

I had a 48-hour deadline to come up with $7,000 in order to pay an important bill. Fighting this extremely tight deadline, my mind filled with fears that it wouldn’t work out and I would fail. I was doubting the circumstances, doubting any hope of success, and doubting myself.

With the help of a friend, I was able to talk it out and identify some of the beliefs that were holding me back.

I felt like nobody would buy my product.

I thought past clients were tired of buying from me

I was afraid I was overselling

or … well, the list went on and on.

After getting each of these beliefs into words, my friend and I went through and identified which of these beliefs were holding me back.

That’s when it was time to whip out the process I had created prior to this experience to help me identify and overcome limiting beliefs.

I ended up succeeding in my $7,000 goal because it wasn’t the circumstances determining my success – it was my mindset.

One surefire way to tell if Limiting Beliefs are the culprit to your woes

Like I said before, most of the obstacles keeping us from succeeding live in our own minds. But trying to combat limiting beliefs is pretty pointless if that really isn’t the issue.

The best way to know if the problem stems from limiting beliefs is to check in with your feelings. Limiting beliefs usually come with an emotional charge.

Feeling hopeless, stuck, or like success is impossible can be red flags. Pay attention to your self-talk, too.

Is it mostly negative?

Do you feel like no matter how many times you try, you’ll never get results?

These are thoughts and feelings that should trigger a realization that your beliefs are limiting you.

These limiting beliefs are rooted below the surface and keeping you from something you want to accomplish. So let’s dig them up, shall we?

Your subconscious: The sneaky home of your untamed limiting thoughts

You can’t really face down an opponent you can’t locate. Our limiting beliefs are often deep down in our subconscious. So we need to root them up and bring them to the light in order to face them and kick them in the teeth.

As any good therapist that has their own therapist might tell you, digging up subconscious problems to the conscious battlefield is a team sport. The move from subconscious to conscious is facilitated a lot easier if you are prompted by questions from someone else.

So if you’re looking to unearth your limiting beliefs, have a friend ask you thought-provoking and self-reflecting questions. On the off chance that whatever friend you choose to help you is lousy at these kinds of questions, I’ve created a worksheet bundle for identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs you can use with your friend (or alone) to help facilitate this process.

Truth, lies, and other important limiting belief distinctions

Identifying those limiting beliefs is only half the battle. Batman doesn’t hunt down the Joker just to look at him, right? Beliefs are a little bit more durable than people and can’t actually be destroyed, but they can be changed.

Once those limiting beliefs are brought to the surface, it’s important to separate the beliefs that are rooted in truth from those rooted in lies.

A limiting belief rooted in truth might be, “My email list isn’t big enough for my business to ever grow.” And maybe your list is a tad on the itsy-bitsy side.

But the great thing about finding the true statements in your limiting beliefs is that it paves a path for creating action plans. Instead of letting your circumstances – like a small email list – determine your success, you can take charge of those circumstances and make a plan to improve them. 

One important note: if you uncover a belief rooted in truth, give yourself some grace. Nobody is perfect and everybody has an opportunity for growth. So skip any temptation to beat yourself up. Deal?

With limiting beliefs that are rooted in lies, you need to flip the lie. The opposite of a lie is a true statement (commonly referred to as “affirmations”), and they are the kind you need to be planting in your brain.

Affirmations plant good seeds of positivity. Even if you don’t believe these true statements at first, just the act of flipping the lie into a positive, affirming, emotionally charged statement and repeating it consistently over time will start to reroute your brain.

Your mind is a car, and you can’t be the slacker that forgets oil changes

So now you have the tools to uncover your limiting beliefs and drop kick them outta here, but there’s a good chance you’ll need a tune-up every now and again.

So pay attention to your thoughts and feelings.

When progress starts to feel hard, motivation escapes you, and your business (or life) starts to feel heavy, pull out your limiting beliefs worksheets and crush any new or repeating beliefs that crop up.


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