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How to tap into the little-known, but totally badass source of inspiration for your monetization strategy

I have a confession: You know the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert that every entrepreneur/breathing human loves?

Well, it changed my life for sure, but I’ve kind of been lying to everyone who asks me if I’ve read it.

See I always tell people I’ve read it, but the truth is, I’ve only finished maybe a third of it. One day I’ll finish (because let’s be honest, it’s epic), but for now, that first third held all the wisdom I needed.

Here is the delicious wisdom packed golden nugget I pulled from the book: Ideas are like living things that exist outside of us.

Let me explain. Have you ever had a moment when clear inspiration struck?

That was an idea trying to find a home in you. It found you and was asking for you to action it. But if you wait too long, overthink it, and allow self-doubt to sink in, this inspiration WILL leave you.

And this is the exact reason you are sitting on a gold mine by letting indecision rule your online business.

Why being impatient and impulsive makes me money

I’m about to share my simple 4 step strategy for actioning your inspired ideas the moment they show up, but before I do, let me share a message I received from a past client, suggesting I write this post.

She said,

“You’re really great at throwing out offers. It seems like you don’t overthink things. You execute versus thinking about things for months and not pulling the trigger on it.”

I didn’t realize until I got this message, that this is EXACTLY why I have been able to generate a huge amount of sales in my online business.

To be honest, it’s mainly because I’m impatient as heck. When I have an idea that excites me I just act on it immediately (99% of the time).

This leads to what I think is a pretty delightful formula to make more sales:

Pay attention to ideas when they come + implement them quicker than my toddler runs to me when I offer to let him watch Paw Patrol on Netflix.

Now that we’ve got that out there, let’s get going on that 4 part sales strategy you can implement in the next 5 days or less!

How to Make Thousands in 5 Days (A Start to Finish Strategy)

It was July 2017, and I just finished breathing a huge sigh of relief. I had just finished launching a pre-sale for my online course Fully Booked in 31 Days, and getting 35 women signed up in 48 hours I got so many comments and messages from people congratulating me on my quick success.

But the truth was, I did it because I had to. Want to know the truth? Just days before I learned that we may lose our house to foreclosure if I didn’t pay $10K in past due payments.

That night as my husband snored beside me I spent the entire night on the verge of vomiting. I had spent the entire day coming up with a plan but it seemed so out of reach. I had NO IDEA how I was going to dig myself out of this hole.

Up to this point in my business, I had earned $14K in passive income (over the past 4 months). So aiming to hit nearly $10K in passive sales in 48 hours was audacious.

When the final sales rolled in over the last hours (including the final one MINUTES from the deadline) I bawled my eyes out.

This was the start of my journey to create a quick, repeatable, and profitable launch system that doesn’t take months to see results from.

Here are the 4 steps to implement this system:

  1. Create or Refine an Irresistible Offer
    For this launch system to work you need to come up with an idea of something to sell (hopefully an inspired idea like we talked about earlier).
    For your offer to work best, it should cost less than $200. I’ve found this is the threshold that converts best for quick launches.
    When deciding what to sell, try to connect with something you know are confident your audience would eat right up.
  2. Create a High-Converting Sales Page
    Next, you need a place for people to actually buy your offer: your sales page.
    Here are the core elements you need to have included on your sales page:
    – A summary of what your offer is all about from a bird’s eye view
    – A paragraph that calls out your clients “pain points” and makes them feel like you are reading their mind and fully understand what they are struggling with
    – Totally obvious and compelling core benefits/results your customer can expect from your offer
    – Painting the picture of what life will look like once they’ve fully implemented your product or service
    – Testimonials from past clients bragging you up
    – Buy now buttons that clearly display the special offer available for you’re 48-hour sale (I highly recommend Samcart for selling your products online)
  3. Create Your Mouth-Watering Launch Plan
    Once you have your sales page created, you need a plan to tell your people about your offer (none of that ‘build it and they will come’ thinking mmmmkkkkk?).
    Here’s what I suggest:
    – Choose your top 2 platforms you have the biggest following (hopefully one of those is your email list)
    – Create a plan of at least 10 different posts + 2-3 emails you can send to your community over 48 hours to share your offer. Mix it up and share stories, testimonials, anecdotes, details from your sales page, etc (people need to see your offer way more than once to buy)
  4. Run your 2-day Launch Like a Freakin Boss
    Once you have your plan set, it’s time to launch your offer. Just freaking do it! No overthinking, ok?

The brilliant part about running a quick 2-day offer like this is it has built in and totally obvious scarcity.

You are offering something special (lower price, insane bonuses, or both) but only for these 48 hours. This makes it incredibly compelling for your audience to take action and buy!

Want a simple plan (not the band) + Daily checklist Delivered to you so you can Easily Launch Your Offer?

Sign up for my free ‘Make Thousands in 5 Days Challenge’ here. You’ll get a daily in-depth training delivered to your inbox with action steps that have helped over 2100+ past challenge participants launch their offers and make insane amounts of profit super fast.

What if I’m just getting started and have a little or no audience built?

I get this question from challenge participants ALL THE TIME. Go through the challenge anyway. Practice the art of taking action and launching your offers.

To be honest, your first launch may not be a raging success, and that’s ok. The only way you become a pro-launcher is by doing it more.

So if you have a small or non-existent community give it a try anyway, and then spend some time focusing on community growth.

Check out this post I wrote about how to add 500+ to your community in just 7 days through Facebook (With $0 Ad spend).

The totally logical and unexpected reason you don’t need to worry about hitting perfection in your launches

If you’re still sitting here instead of signing up for my free 5-day challenge, you may be stuck in the tight grip of your perfectionism.

I get it.

I mean what if…

You launch this and no one buys

People think you are being salesy

You charge the wrong amount and people are angry

You overcommit and regret launching the offer because it’s too much work

Or whatever other excuse is coming up for you, that makes you think it would be better to wait

But here is a shocking truth.

It will take a heck of a lot more than a flopped launch to damage your reputation or hurt your business. There is literally no harm done by your trying.

In fact, I know a girl who has outright screwed people over and not paid vendors for work done + makes outrageous claims and outright lies to her clients.

She is unfortunately still in business. She is still making money.

You, on the other hand, care about your clients.

You have a good heart.

Deciding to take action on your ideas, and sell an offer to your community will not do any harm to your business.

If the totally rude online entrepreneur can manage to stay in business, a less than stellar launch is far from something that could hurt you.

So what do you say?

Shall we walk to the path together and help you launch your offer already?

Sign up for my free Make Thousands in 5 Days challenge here.


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