*Note: This post deals this the sensative topic of suicide. If you are struggling with suicidical thoughts please reach out to a professional. You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

I don’t claim to understand the pain of the man who took his life in the “suicide forest.”

But I know that hearing about Logan Paul’s video from his visit to Japan’s suicide forest enraged me (If you haven’t heard the story, you can read about it here).

I have battled depression that has been, at times, overwhelmingly crippling. I am grateful that I have never seriously considered suicide as an escape, but I feel that in some ways I can relate to some of the pain this man may have felt.

So for days now I haven’t been able to focus on anything other then what was stolen from this man, and the fact that he has no voice in the midst of millions talking about him.

So I penned words to pay my respect for this soul, and to try to give a voice to HIM and HIS PAIN.

This process brought this poem to life…


If The Forest Man Could Speak

You’re days too late to notice me,

and the pain I felt, you still don’t see.

I didn’t invite you to my funeral.

No one welcomed you between these sorrowed trees.

Your mission: To entertain.

My mission: To end my pain.

And there you stood, muffling your laughter,

turning your cameras to my lifeless body.

To you I was quite literally hanging flesh.

A sensational representation of wounds you didn’t even try to understand.

And now I’m not just gone, but robbed.

And no one hears the fading echo of my voice.

You buried my beginning, rewrote my middle, and stole my end.

But in days everyone will forget, you’ll move on, and I’ll still be dead.

What some may not understand about mental health and suicide

I won’t speak for anyone else’s journey with mental illness, but I will share a bit of insight from my own perspective.

I haven’t chosen my depression. And ridding myself of it can, at times, feel just as impossible as talking a broken leg into mending.

But if my problem was a broken leg, my struggle would be obvious, and my solution would be evident.

With mental illness it’s never that simple. It’s like you have a million weapons to choose from to fight a giant enemy you can’t quite see.

And sometimes that enemy is overbearing, and sometimes you are so tired of fighting it that your odds of winning seem impossible.

Let’s not forget the man in the forest.

So here is my ask. Soon we will move on in our lives, but before we do, can we rally together and give this man a voice?

Here’s how I suggest we do this:

  1. Make a donation big or small to the National Suicide Prevention lifeline, and together we will create a positive impact in honor of him.
  2. Share this post to continue to give this man a voice, and share your own perspective somewhere so we can continue to be a voice for him, and many others whose lives have been taken by suicide.

If you are struggling with suicidical thoughts please reach out to a professional. You can call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. 


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