Why I’m totally sold on Messenger Bots (Hint: They accounted for 100% of the sales from my most recent launch!)

If you’re running an online business you’ve probably noticed that every few minutes (or at least it seems), a new strategy, software, or platform crops up that you feel obligated to master to keep your business afloat.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried the whole, “Must conquer EVERYTHING,” approach before, and it’s just about as effective as trying to train my cat to poop in the toilet (did you guys know that’s a legit thing a lot of cat owners have accomplished?! #notmycat)

With the grand multitude of “things” you “should” be doing to move your business forward, why the heck should you spend the time and effort of work on implementing messenger bots.

Let me make it simple: “You’re crazy if you don’t.”

Your personal laundry list of ways to market better is plenty crowded, but bots freakin work. I’m here to show you how easy it is to set up bots, define clear goals for them, and meet or exceed those goals in thirty days. You can decide if it’s worth it (hint: it is).

Why Messenger Bots are even cooler than “Sh-amy” from Big Bang Theory

Let’s me honest. Sheldon and Amy are the coolest TV couple EVER! But, if you’ve ever daydreamed about how nice it would be to increase your sales, clone yourself, and form a more real connection with your audience, chat bots are certainly one-upping them on the coolness scale.

Medium recently reported messenger campaigns with open rates as high at 98% and click rates 12 times higher than their average email campaign. I’ve noticed a similar trend with mine.

Not all marketers have realized the full potential here, so I highly suggest you take advantage of the early mover wave and get to chatting!

How to get your first bot up and running today…

For an easy implementation, intuitive automation possibilities, and a smart all-around chat bot solution, I recommend ManyChat.

ManyChat is a really clever chat bot integration that removes common communication barriers between entrepreneurs and potential business.

ManyChat welcomes new users, sends them content, schedules posts, sets up keyword auto-responses (such as text, pictures, menus), and can automatically broadcast your RSS feed.

Setting up ManyChat takes about two minutes, and you only need three things in place to get started:

  1. Have a Facebook company page created
  2. Have administrator access to the Facebook page and grant permission to integrate with ManyChat
  3. Use the “create bot” tool in ManyChat

That’s it. The bot form shows up on your website and you’re ready to have more success helping your visitors find more info about your business and ultimately convert.

Three No-Brainer Bots You Should Implement Immediately

To feel a true positive impact in your business right away, you need to figure out exactly what your business needs to grow right now.

Do you need to increase conversion rates on your product landing pages?

Are you looking to grow your community?

Grow Your Blog Traffic?

These are three priorities for me right now, and I’ve implemented bots to help with each of them.

Here are three bots that have been working exceptionally well for me so far:

  1. The Product Helper Bot
    This is a non-intrusive, pop up chat bot that shows up as a user spends time on your landing page. As they gather information about your product and pricing options, they are likely trying to decide if your product is right for their needs. A Product Helper will answer any questions the user has right on the spot, and mimic the experience of a conversion. It helps your potential customer get the information they need, and also feel well taken care of. I’ve seen amazing results with the Product Helper on my Rise Up landing page.
  2. The “Grow Your List” Bot
    This chat bot sends over your freebie directly to someone’s Facebook Messenger. When I’m looking to increase my contact list, it’s awesome knowing someone can click a button and receive a PDF instantly. They get the information they need, and I have a new contact. That’s zero extra work and a larger subscriber base to sell even more services to. The Offer Bot on my Fully Booked in 31 Days Sales Page has connected with with interested buyers, and helped me close significantly more sales on my most recent launch of the program!
  3. The Blogger’s Bot
    The third no brainer bot should be on every blog post you publish. At the end of a post, include a ManyChat signup. With one click, users will receive a Messenger notice any time you publish a new post. You’re not competing with other emails in a crowded inbox and you’re not trying to stand out in a noisy newsfeed. You’re sending a quick, friendly message directly to the person, which makes a real impact (especially on click through rates).

Build a Bot, Be a Winner

The best thing about chat bots is the moment you can finally sit back and enjoy the fruits of automation. Knowing that your business development efforts just multiplied while you focus on more important tasks is a great feeling.

The three examples I shared in this post are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of ways you can use messenger bots to grow your business. But you don’t need to think about all that right now.

The most important thing you can do is take action NOW and just get started with them.

To help you do that, I’ve created this handy-dandy free (and surprisingly accurate) quiz to help you decide exactly where you need to start with Messenger Bots.

So take the quiz, and go forth and be an bot-terrific action taker, my friend.


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