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Step #1 is fixing your freebie…

Hi  there!

I’m Stephanie, a Visibility & Marketing Coach for online entrepreneurs.

If you’ve got the talent & expertise, but your business just isn’t making bank, you’re in the right place.

I help female coaches, speakers, bloggers, and other online entrepreneurs get seen, heard, and get profitable ALL while being true to the REAL THEM!

In 8 months I grew my business from nothing to earning $32,827 in ONE MONTH. I live in a small province of the East Coast of Canada, and that is more than the average YEARLY salary here!

I have seen first hand the potential of an online business, and have helped my clients turn their passions into thriving and profitable online businesses as well!

Struggling  to  Stand  out  Online?

the potential with online business is limitless, but how the heck do you get noticed?

You’ve got a website, you have packages to sell, and you’ve been trying every marketing strategy you can get your hands on…

But nothing….crickets…

Girl, that’s where I come in. Let’s get you in the fast lane to freakin visible.

Let’s open up the doors to profitability by shredding your limits and fears to pieces.

And most importantly, let’s get your light shining to a world that desperately needs the amazing gifts you have to offer.

Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the

life you have always imagined


Vulnerability  is  everything…

If you’ve spent much time in the online business world, you’ve probaly seen a whole lot of fluff creeping around every corner.

I teach my clients to do things differently. It all comes down to getting vulnerable.

You see, there are likely a multitude of people out there doing what you do. BUUUUTTTT, you have this amazing (and probably totally underutilized) piece of magic that will really set you apart from every last one of them…


Want to see how powerful sharing your story openly and authentically can be?

Let me tell you mine…

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